Terms and Conditions



You will be required to use online credit card payments for your orders, but you can also make use of Cajamar (a savings bank) Safe Payment Platform (Virtual POS for Internet Sales).

Just when pressing the “ACCEPT” button during order confirmation, our bank, through the aforementioned payment platform, checks the validity of the credit card number and checks so as to see it has not been blocked.

All these purchase transactions are always developed in a confidential way within the SSL protocol. Consequently, CITRICS TERRES DE L’EBRE, S.A.T. guarantees confidentiality for the provided customers’ data by encryption, avoiding communication  to third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 15/99.

CITRICS TERRES DE L’EBRE, S.A.T. has no access to the customer’s banking data at all, we do not keep it on our servers either, that’s why the customer will have to provide it once again every new transaction on our website. This is the best way to prevent from abuse and fraud.



Orders are sent in cardboard boxes specially designed to ensure their integrity during transport. Cardboard is a light, resistant and ecological material, which can be reused or recycled afterwards.

We send either 5-kilogram or 8-kilogram shipping boxes. In case bigger ones get requested, they will also be sent accordingly.


Shipping expenses have been included in the price only in national destinations. As for abroad destinations, you must have a look at prices.

Shipping expenses for other Spanish territories, and European ones, will be calculated according to both their weight and their shipping site. Orders to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla will necessarily have to be processed in a personal way, by applying to the e-mail address info@citricsterresdelebre.com.


Orders are reviewed daily. Within the Iberian Peninsula orders usually take 1–2 working days to be delivered. Orders received correctly before 12 noon (working days) will be delivered just the following day (depending on product and transport). Orders for other Spanish territories and European countries will depend on the different transport routes.

At the time of delivery, perfect condition of packaging must be checked. In case packaging is incorrect or defective, you will have to write it down in the lorry driver’s delivery documentation.


Returns will ony be accepted in the following cases:

The product is defective or has been damaged during transport.

  • In case of breakdown during transport, you must e-mail us, info@citricsterredebre.com, on the same day you have received the goods and checked them. It is important to get all kind of accurate information on delivery (date, reception time, photos, delivery note, and so on.)

You have not received the order and want to cancel or modify it.

  1. If your order has not been started processing yet, you will only have to e-mail us for your modification or cancellation at no cost.
  2. In case you have already paid for a product and want to change it for another one with different cost, if it’s a lower price you will be get a reimbursement. You must take into account the fact that if your original purchase had free delivery, but when changing the order the cost doesn’t get the minimum amount set for it, you will also have to pay for its delivery.